Milford Community

Connection Program

About the program

The Milford Community Connection Program was founded in 2023, with a goal of enabling Financial Advisers to invest in charities and non-profit organisations making a difference in the lives of Australians.

Outside of delivering compelling investment solutions, one of Milford’s core beliefs is to support the community. Our core community areas of focus are Youth, Education, and the Environment.

Through the Milford Community Connection Program, we allocate funds specifically to donate, engaging with our wide network of Advisers across the country, to broaden our giving impact.

The program was so successful in 2023, that we ran it again in 2024 with the objective of making this a dedicated annual giving event.

How it works

In February each year, applications are sought from Milford-connected Advisers to apply for funding for a charity/non-profit in their community. They must name the charity/non-profit, describe their connection with them, and state why they are requesting funds. All applications are considered by a team of Milford executives, and grants are distributed in March/April to Advisers. Those Advisers then meet with their chosen charity/non-profit, to donate the funds and build an ongoing relationship.

“Milford is proud to be strengthening local communities through our Community Connection Program. It enables us to make a meaningful contribution to charities and non-profit organisations that are helping better the lives of Australians. Seeing the difference those groups are making, inspires and motivates us. The program also helps us connect on a more personal level with our team of Advisers, enabling them to positively impact the communities in which they live.”

Kristine Brooks, Chief Country Officer

Our Impact

The Milford Community Connection Program has provided funding for more than 50 charities since its inception in 2023. While young, we are already making an impact. You can read more about the charities we support and their stories by clicking the link below.

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