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Milford Managed Funds make it easy to become an investor. You get the benefits of a professionally managed portfolio without having to do all the detailed work yourself. It’s serious investing, made seriously easy.

Invested in expertise, performance and trust

When you invest with Milford you get a driven team with world-class expertise who actively manage your money, making insightful investment decisions on your behalf.

A team who invests alongside their clients

It’s our policy that our staff invest their own money in the same funds as our clients, so you can be certain our team is highly motivated to have your funds do the best that they can because we’re on the same journey.

Active fund management

We take a hands-on approach to investing, constantly re-evaluating investments and pursuing the best returns possible for our clients. Our ability to move quickly means we can take advantage of opportunities as they arise and manage risk along the way.

Sustainable Investing

At Milford, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future by driving companies we invest in to improve the sustainability of their practices.

In-depth research & insights

We conduct rigorous reviews and detailed financial analysis of the companies we invest in. This helps us identify potential opportunities others may not see and have a greater understanding of where your money should be.

What we offer

With a minimum investment of just $1,000 you can choose from our suite of managed funds with differing risk and return profiles to suit your investment goals.

The Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of predominantly Australian equities, complemented by selective exposure to international equities and cash.

suggested investment timeframe: 7 years +

Medium to High Risk Tolerance

suitable for medium to high risk tolerance investor

The Milford Dynamic Small Companies Fund invests primarily in small to mid-cap listed or soon to be listed Australian equities.

suggested investment timeframe: 8 years +

suitable for high risk tolerance investor

The Milford Diversified Income Fund invests in a variety of income generating assets such as Australasian and global shares, fixed interest, property and infrastructure.

suggested investment timeframe: 4 years +

suitable for medium risk tolerance investor

The Milford Global Opportunities Fund invests in global equity securities that are attractively valued.

suggested investment timeframe: 8 years +

suitable for high risk tolerance investor

The Milford Global Real Asset Fund invests in global listed infrastructure, utility and real estate securities.

suggested investment timeframe: 8 years +

suitable for high risk tolerance investor

Not sure where to start?

Try our risk profile calculator to find out what type of investment could be right for you.

Ready to Invest Now?

Let’s get started. For individual and joint investors, the easiest way is to apply online. Alternatively, you can download the paper application form below.

If you are looking to invest your personal Superannuation into a Milford Managed Fund, please click here.

For other types of investors you can download the paper application form below.

Milford New Investor
Milford Existing Investors

Online Application

Before you start, you must read the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD).

On the ASX

The Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund is available on the ASX – Ticker code: MFOA

Listed Fund Application: Contact your adviser, broker or your preferred trading platform.

Paper Application

Please download the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, the application form is included in the PDF file.

To top-up your existing Fund


BPAY is a fast and convenient way for you to make additional investments into your Milford fund. There is no need for you to fill out an additional application form. You simply make a BPAY payment using the details below, for the amount you want to invest.

  • Biller Code [This is an 8-digit code] Click here 
  • BPAY Customer Reference Number (CRN)

Please note that each fund has a unique Biller Code. If you invest in more than one Milford Investment Fund, you’ll receive the Biller Code details for each fund individually. However, your CRN number is unique to you and will be the same for payments into all your Milford funds.

Alternatively if you don’t use BPAY, then complete the one-page form here and email it back to Mainstream and then complete your bank direct credit payment.

Add a new Fund to your account

Please download the Product Disclosure Statement of your chosen fund, and then complete the application form at the back of the PDF file.

Note: you only need to complete Sections 1, 2 and 8 of the application form, and then email it back to Mainstream.

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