Markets are entering a new phase with central banks removing support. As the resulting market volatility has shown it is key for advisers to have investment options designed to dodge the punches and smooth the ride for your clients.

Introducing the Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund

The Australian Absolute Growth Fund offers you and your clients an equity fund that strives to successfully manage downside risk without compromising your opportunity for long-term growth.

A proven track record

Our award-winning Australian Absolute Growth Fund has established itself as one of Australia’s most outstanding funds in its category. Through the ups and downs of markets, the Fund has proven itself time and time again, passing every test to date, including beating the S&P/ASX (TR) index by over 2.5% p.a. since inception.

Striving for a smoother ride

The Fund’s repeatable and robust strategy is suitable for all types of market conditions and can adapt to the prevailing circumstances – ready to move, shift and capitalise on opportunities that arise while always managing risk along the way.

What makes the Australian Absolute Growth Fund stand out?

The Fund is an active Australian equity fund with the flexibility to invest in both growth and value stocks of large, medium and small companies. It’s a finely tuned strategy with multiple levers to manage risk through the market cycle. It’s flexible active management designed to smooth out volatility for investors while delivering genuinely strong outcomes.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

The value you get is an Australian equity fund with defensive characteristics, managed by a talented team of investment specialists who have delivered outstanding results. Our long track record in New Zealand is proof we have excellent people, strategies and processes.

When you invest with us, you and your clients can be assured our team will work as hard as we can, with a focus on delivering a smoother ride, to nullify the dramas that come from market volatility.

Playing an important role in your clients’ portfolios

The Fund’s proven performance and focus on risk control means it has the flexibility to serve as either a core or a defensive Australian equity position in your clients’ portfolios – it’s your choice. Given the recent market volatility, now could be the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at the Milford Australian Absolute Growth Fund.

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