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NFTs the new kid on the block(chain) – the latest use-case in a world that continues to digitalise

Stephanie Batchelor, 14 Apr 2021

How much would you pay to own this pixelated image of an alien wearing a sweatband? Nothing? $1? $1,000? How…

Stock Story: SeaLink Travel Group

Michael Higgins, 08 Apr 2021

Portfolio Manager Michael Higgins tells the story behind SeaLink Travel Group and why it has been one of our best-performing…

The month in 60 seconds: Mar ’21

Mark Riggall, 08 Apr 2021

Portfolio Manager Mark Riggall discusses March’s key highlights in 60 seconds.

Why supply chain auditors are superheroes

Rachel Arbuckle, 01 Apr 2021

When we think about human rights abuses, our first thoughts may be of political prisoners and human trafficking. But modern…

The unseen opportunity in Plasma

Jason Kururangi, 01 Apr 2021

Blood Plasma is big business. Collecting, processing, manufacturing and ultimately selling plasma derived products has been a valuable area for…

Have low rates created investment bubbles? What should investors do?

Jonathan Windust, 23 Mar 2021

Lower interest rates have led to higher valuations of many company shares as investors look for alternative ways to save,…

Has the recovery reached WA?

Roland Houghton, 19 Mar 2021

Last week I travelled to Western Australia to get a sense of how Australia’s most cyclically sensitive state was recovering….

Inflation’s return? Implications of the great reopening

Alexander Whight, 10 Mar 2021

The economic recovery from the COVID pandemic has been much better than anyone predicted. Global consumption is expected to boom…

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