Coronavirus Q & A - Milford Asset

Coronavirus Q & A

Philip Morgan Rees

Head of Private Wealth

Philip joined Milford in August 2017 as Head of Private Wealth and brings a breadth of experience at Executive and Senior Management level from a 30-year career.

Prior to joining Milford, Philip held senior management positions at several of New Zealand’s leading and long-established wealth and fund managers including roles as General Manager, Head of Product Management, Investments (NZ) and Head of Product Management and Marketing. Philip has been responsible for large Financial Advisory teams and first-hand experience with High Net Worth and Institutional clients complemented by experience in investment governance through; membership of three investment and asset allocation committees, Chairmanship of a Staff Superannuation Fund and trustee of a large charitable trust.

Philip is an Authorised Financial Adviser.

We answered our clients’ top questions on the financial impact of Coronavirus and how we’re actively positioning our funds through this turbulent environment.

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