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Why we love founder-led companies

Michael Higgins, 12 Aug 2021

As Portfolio Manager of the Milford Dynamic Fund my focus is on smaller companies. It’s something I’m passionate about and…

Investing in changing times: Competition is now high on the President’s agenda

Alexander Whight, 03 Aug 2021

Competition and corporate consolidation. President Biden’s 2020 election campaign was relatively quiet when it came to this topic. We were…

Will higher oil prices see us all drive electric vehicles sooner?

Greg Cassidy, 29 Jul 2021

There are many areas in financial markets that are higher than before the onset of Covid-19. Despite a significant hit…

What is concerning the bond market?

Paul Morris, 20 Jul 2021

As economies repair from the pandemic, unemployment has fallen, and inflation has risen. As key objectives for central banks, this…

Sydney Airport acquisition ready for takeoff

Daniel Simmonds, 13 Jul 2021

Sydney Airport (SYD) has recently become an acquisition target by a consortium of private investors willing to take a longer-term…

Isn’t the reopening trade over yet?

David Rigby, 30 Jun 2021

Compared to 18 months ago, we now know how to control COVID outbreaks by restricting movement and tracing contacts and…

The million dollar question: did Covid kill the office?

Jason Kururangi, 23 Jun 2021

If you take a walk around the streets of Sydney Tuesday to Thursday, you wouldn’t know we were still in…

COVID-19: creating a new era for vaccine and drug production

Dr Deborah Lambie, 22 Jun 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global vaccine landscape, catapulting mRNA vaccines into the limelight for the first time, with…

Is wage inflation on the horizon?

Roland Houghton, 11 Jun 2021

When looking at Australian economic data, it feels like wage inflation is a thing of the distant past. As can…

Investing in the humble tractor at the centre of food security solutions

Alexander Whight, 02 Jun 2021

Food security, or access to sufficient safe and nutritious food, is one of the most important challenges facing the world…