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The Buy-Now-Pay-Later phenomenon – what’s driving the industry?

Roland Houghton, 26 Aug 2020

The Buy-Now-Pay-Later segment has truly taken the world by storm. It is incredibly impressive to think two Aussies were responsible…

The whole story behind good investment decisions

Marissa Rossi, 25 Aug 2020

If there was ever a time when strong financial metrics were the single trademark of a good company, that time…

Iron Ore: Will It Save The Australian Economy Once Again?

Greg Cassidy, 18 Aug 2020

The strength of the iron ore price helped Australia escape the worst of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). This year,…

Hearing from Advisers – a Milford Q&A

Katharine Jackson, 12 Aug 2020

In our first Quarterly Adviser Q&A I interviewed two financial advisers about their different businesses and how they have adapted…

Vaccine Time: The Beginning of the Pandemic’s End

Marissa Rossi, 05 Aug 2020

In total, there are 177 novel coronavirus vaccines in development globally and 6 in Phase III trials, the final stage…

Investing in infrastructure – the case for airports

Daniel Simmonds, 30 Jul 2020

We’re going to focus on the global aviation sector and aim to offer some insights into how COVID-19 has impacted…

A stock picker’s market

Michael Higgins, 09 Jul 2020

Market volatility creates significant opportunities for active investors like Milford, who invest in specific companies rather than simply investing in…

Melbourne Lockdown Take Two

William Curtayne, 08 Jul 2020

Faced with two bad choices, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has made the difficult decision to lockdown metropolitan Melbourne for six…

Health Care: A hunting ground for investment opportunities in uncertain times

Alexander Whight, 01 Jul 2020

It is hard to believe just 3 months have passed since the market lows of late-March. Equity markets have moved…

Victoria shuts down hotspot suburbs – what does it mean for the market?

William Curtayne, 01 Jul 2020

From midnight Wednesday in Melbourne, 36 suburbs in 10 postcodes will be placed in lockdown. Residents in those suburbs will…