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Value is in the eye of the beholder

Stephanie Perrin, 21 May 2019

Tens of thousands of investors recently undertook the annual pilgrimage to Omaha, Nebraska to hear words of wisdom from Warren…

Unravelling the China-Australia coal trade mystery

Greg Cassidy, 01 May 2019

In February, press reports started to emerge of China restricting the importation of Australian coal. Ships loaded with Australian coal…

An update on Aussie house price declines

David Rigby, 24 Apr 2019

Since our last blog on Australian housing in December last year prices have continued to fall, but the pace of…

Navigating choppy waters….

Michael Higgins, 21 Mar 2019

Property is an Australian obsession, perhaps more so than anywhere globally. When prices are rising, people crowd the market in…

Australian reporting season thus far

Roland Houghton, 20 Feb 2019

February and August are two very busy months of the year for Australian investors as most listed companies release their…

Aussie house price correction deepens

David Rigby, 19 Dec 2018

Since our last blog on Australian housing back in July, conditions have continued to deteriorate. According to Corelogic, as at…

Trade War, What Is it Good For?

Greg Cassidy, 17 Jul 2018

Global financial markets had been watching the US President’s escalation of trade disputes, largely from the sideline, thinking it is…

Australian house prices: Vulnerable, but no disaster

David Rigby, 10 Jul 2018

As we’ve highlighted in several Milford blogs over the years, Aussies pride themselves on their property obsession every bit as…