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A framework for investing in companies led by acquisition

Alexander Whight, 19 Nov 2020

Corporate history is littered with acquisitions gone wrong. But history also unearths companies that have consistently created significant value via…

AGMs & Quarterly Reporting Updates

Roland Houghton, 16 Nov 2020

The AGM and quarterly update season is upon us and given the near historic levels of uncertainty it couldn’t have…

As Panic Buying Slows, Will Supermarkets Keep Up?

Greg Cassidy, 28 Oct 2020

We all remember the chaotic scenes at supermarkets in March as shoppers rushed to stock up as the pandemic led…

All roads lead to Paris

Marissa Rossi, 22 Oct 2020

When it comes to sustainable investing, it can seem at times like there are three teams on the field. In…

Water utilities – dull as dishwater but dependable

Daniel Simmonds, 08 Oct 2020

It should be noted upfront that we will be discussing a water utility, which may sound as dull as dishwater…

Death, taxes …. & IPOs in hot markets

Michael Higgins, 01 Oct 2020

As getting a bus seat becomes more competitive, the trains more compact and sporting crowds less sparse, Australia is slowly…

Early innings for e-commerce

Stephanie Perrin, 30 Sep 2020

With the US share market up +45% since the lows in late March, and shares of companies like Amazon up…

Insurance meets Global Warming

David Rigby, 09 Sep 2020

Airlines. Oil & Gas. Car manufacturing. Agriculture. Viticulture. Cement and Steel production. Even Bitcoin mining. The list of industries that…

Reporting season debrief – property companies

Roland Houghton, 03 Sep 2020

With reporting season behind us we can review the impacts COVID-19 is having on various sectors. Property companies which for…

The Buy-Now-Pay-Later phenomenon – what’s driving the industry?

Roland Houghton, 26 Aug 2020

The Buy-Now-Pay-Later segment has truly taken the world by storm. It is incredibly impressive to think two Aussies were responsible…