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Not all managed funds are equal

Research results consistently identify sets of active fund managers that deliver above-average results. Based on findings from a series of market reviews (see footnote examples) this checklist sets out the characteristics of high performing teams simply, enabling you to review your options and create a clear record of assessments.

Why are some active fund managers better than others?

Delivering above-market returns can be difficult to achieve. This difficulty is a reflection of how tough it is to consistently beat the market. It requires a mix of capability, resources and experience to deliver. Given actively managed funds typically have higher fees than passively managed funds, you want to be sure you’re choosing a team that has proof of performance across cycles.

How to identify quality

  • Track record
  • Aligning objectives
  • Team structure
  • Repeatable Processes
  • Proprietary Research
  • Risk awareness and management

To explore this in more detail, download our assessment tool.

Making portfolio assessments

In order to ensure you are meeting each client’s best interests this portfolio assessment tool translates these key insights into a clearly defined decision making framework.

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